8th Grade Social Studies

Current Events:

8th grade students will be expected to complete a current event for Social Studies each week.  The event can come from a newspaper, magazine, or Internet news site.  News needs to be within two weeks of the due date.  Current events will be due each Monday throughout the year and students will be required to share their event with the class.  News events should be global, national, or locally newsworthy.  Sports items, minor accidents, minor arrests, etc. will NOT be accepted. 

Students will complete the attached form neatly in blue or black ink or typed and staple the article to it.  If using the Internet, a parent signature acknowledging the site used is fine in place of downloading large quantities of paper.  Summaries of articles must be at least 8-10 sentences long.  These should be neat and logical.  Any unacceptable work will be handed back..  Mrs. Fields receives several newspapers daily that are available to students to use for this purpose.

Friday 2/3: Two paragraph essay assignment due (Wounded Knee)

Biography Project: Working in the computer lab 1/31-2/13.
Presentations begin on Tues. February 14th  heart



Current Event Form


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